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Art Tutorial: Quick Art Tips 2


There’s a lot of things that usually nobody say, and this is an unpopular one of those: Drawing is a thing. Painting is another.

To be a successful artist or at least to enjoy what you’re doing, you don’t need to know both, but of course I suggest to have a complete perspective for make art. So, the thing is, make practice in drawing, make a lot of sketches, focus on the shapes, on your lines, but also make some exercise making volumes with colors, modeling with light and shadow, express with color blends.

My advice is to make some practice in sketching starting from simple things, for example your smarthphone, some fruits, a pencil… whatever you want. At the beginning keep focus on the silhouette, then try to split the zones with lots of shadow with the ones with lights. At this point you will have already a good awareness for drawing something.

To make practice with painting, try to trace an image or a photo placing a sheet of paper on a light source if you’re working traditional, or maybe use an image on a different layer in digital. Then focus on the shadows and light contrast, on the colors and reflections.

Every teacher will say that you need to learn drawing before painting… but at the beginning, only focus on some black lines may be frustrating and alienate someone to continue, but if you learn how to sketch and at the same time you learn how the color works, you will see how much you can do and this may be a good motivation to don’t give up.

Believe me, it works!

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