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Hire Moonpix Art Fantasy Freelancer Illustrator
Here are some of the most asked questions, if you have any other doubt, feel free to ask!
  • How can I hire you?
    If you are interested to buy a commission, you can visit our price list to give you an idea of the type of project you prefer. After that, you can contact us via mail ( at ) send us your idea/descriptions. If you have in mind something different than the basic type of commission listed, we can talk about it and give you a quote based on your needs. We are always open to new types of projects! After we've talked about your project together and give you a specific quote, only after your approval we'll send you a Paypal invoice for the payment. After that, we can start to make your commission alive!
  • Where can I send you the descriptions/references?
    You can send us your descriptions via mail, at You can write a textual description and/or send us some reference pictures, it helps us to understand your idea correctly. Anyway, with the high quality and resolution of the picture provided, we can assure you a better result with the final piece. If you're not sure about what you would like to create or can't choose between different ideas, we can talk about it together to find exactly what you need. Don't worry about going deep into details, we're passionate readers ;)
  • Commission Process
    Contact us via e-mail, we'll discuss your ideas togheter to define your project! After we agreed on your commission, we'll send you an e-mail with the invoice for the payment, through Paypal. Then we will make a rough sketch. Feel free to tell us if you don't like your sketch! Depending on the customer's queue, we'll let you know when your work will be ready. The average time to complete a commission is about 7 days to 2 weeks for a Sketch and 30 to 45 days for a fully rendered Painting (but it depends on the complexity/number of the subject, the number of changes that you ask for along the process, and the queue of the other active commissions). If you need your commission in a short amount of time for a specific date, we can talk together and see if we can find a solution to do it in time. During the making process, we may send you some "work in progress" images to discuss the shape, the colours, the details. Feel free to tell us what you'd like to change soon, because when the work is almost finished could be difficult to edit anything. The most important thing for us is to make you happy, so don't be afraid to tell us everything you think to help us to make your commission perfect for you! In the end, we will provide you with an HD link to download your commission in A3/A2 sized file (or in a different format if you need it). Enjoy your commission!
  • Are Armour, Weapons and Jewellery included?
    Simple Armour, weapons and Jewellery are included. Adorned and complex stuff may increase the price.
  • What do you mean with ESSENTIAL, SIMPLE or COMPLEX Background?
    To make things easier, we can divide the categories in this way: ESSENTIAL Background - Included in the price: Color gradient, particles FX or heavily blurred scenery. SIMPLE Environment -25 to 80€: blurred scenery, some props, basic buildings or a simple nature like desert, lawn, seashore, etc. ' COMPLEX Scenery - 100 to 200€: like a city, complex buildings, many props, indoor rooms, dense forest, etc.
  • How Pets, Critter or companions are priced?
    Usually, pets, critters or companions are considered extras. The price may change a little based on the complexity and size of the subject (around 30% - 50% of the base price), but normally will not cost more than a second character. ​ If you are interested to add your pets, let us know! ​
  • What are the difference between the REALISTIC, STYLIZED and CARTOON style?
    We can offer different style for every type of commission: - Realistic - Natural life-like proportions, it's a great choice if you need to portray a specific person from a photo reference. - Stylized - A Style-oriented anatomy. That's a perfect way to portray a fictional character. - Cartoon - More stylized features, like Big eyes and soft face lines, creating funny and cute illustrations. You can choose or leave us to decide the best choice for your needs. Feel free to share your preferences!
  • Can you make a commission starting from photo references of a specific person or pet?
    Yes! If you want a specific person or pet on your commission, feel free to ask. We can make it realistic, stylized or cartoon, as you prefer! We can make your portrait, your family, a friend, your cat or dog etc. Or if you want a specific actor/actress, model or singer, we can also make it. We can take inspiration from specific anatomical details and mix them to create your character. You can provide us with different references that you like for the shape or colours of the eyes, nose, face/body structure etc.
  • Can you create a creature or animal from the imagination?
    Yes, we can! You can provide us with a textual description, and/or photo references of the details you take inspiration for. You can start from the fantasy or mythologic creature (adding what you want), mix some animals or creatures or create yours from scratch. For this purpose, we also make the concept work to help writers to give shape to the characters of their stories. Don't be afraid to give freedom to your imagination!
  • Can I hire you for a different type of commission that is not in your listing price?
    Sure! We are always open to a different type of commission. Especially feel free to ask if you see an artwork on our gallery that you like, but it's not under a category of our listing. Or, if you want our style combined with another one from your favourite videogame, movie poster etc. Also, remember that we can mix different elements from different styles! Don't be afraid to share your ideas with us!
  • How long does it take to complete a commission?
    After your purchase, we will make a rough sketch as soon as possible. Based on the queue of commissions, it may need between a couple of days or a week, usually. After the rough sketching part (when we put the project on paper), the making of a commission needs between 7 days to 2 weeks for a Sketch and 30 to 45 days for a fully rendered Painting. The completion time is based especially on the complexity/number of the subject, the number of changes that you ask for along the process, and the queue of the other active commissions. Usually, it requires between 4 - 6 weeks if the queue of customers is full. Anyway, you will get news and progress pictures during the whole process. These processing times are just an estimate, so let us know if you need your commission on a specific date, we will try to do our best.
  • How is made my commission?
    The Artwork is made digitally by hand using a graphic tablet. When your work is completed, we will send you a link via mail with the high-resolution file (normally A3/A2 at 300dpi, vertical or horizontal format) ready to be printed on your favorite medium. So, you will not receive any physical objects, but only a digital file delivered after the completion of your commission. Normally, we work on a "classic" painting format, but if you need any different resolutions or shapes like banners, icons, badges, feel free to ask.
  • Do you realize just Fantasy/Sci-Fi subjects and/or just some in particular?
    We can make every Fantasy races, creatures, and character's class/profession or pets, from each fantasy/sci-fi worlds... games, books, or from your imagination! But we can also make realistic art and portraits, starting from a photo or an idea that you have in mind. Feel free to ask, we'll be glad to talk about that with you ;)
  • Rights
    Commissioned artworks are for personal use only. This means you can't distribute or use your commission for commercial purposes. For commercial works contact us. We can use your commission and your review for advertising and portfolio. However, you can express your desire to maintain your commission private for a short period of time (for example for a Birthday present). Please remember to tell us. Don't cancel or edit any signatures or use our artworks in other artworks. With your commission, you automatically accept the Terms of Service. The Artists of Moonpix keep the Right and ownership of the artworks.
Hire Moonpix Art Fantasy Freelancer Illustrator
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