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Art Tutorial: Quick Art Tips 1

Traditional or Digital?

We’re going to talk more deeply about this soon… for now we just had to say: this two methods may seems different, but at the end there’s not much difference. It’s all about comfort, style, money in some case, and personal preferences.

I’ll explain this in the image below:

Seen? Not much difference at all ;)

What we can say shortly is that working  traditionally may cost less (not at professional level, because supplies cost a lot and also not last long) , while digital make some process much faster and the CRTL+Z function is a pure divine blessing.

The center of the discussion is: Traditional and Digital are not enemies, who use to be traditional is not better than who use digital and viceversa, and you not need to learn one rather then the other one first. You will get lot of satisfacion from both, you just had to choose the right tools for you! Each have some exclusive feature and the best part is that you can mix them together creating some unique masterpieces.

But we had to say this: in this modern world being a Digital Artist have a lot of more benefits in terms of time, reproducibility and effectiveness than traditional art.

Every artistic current is the daughter of his time and it is nice to live the present, because one day there will be no more and we’ll understand his preciousness too late.

So, don’t reject something just for principle (I know that what is new can be scary) and feel free to express yourself!

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