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A Message in Bottle - pt.1

We discovered a small treasure in the basement few days ago.

My girlfriend's grandfather called Mario was a lover of sea, ships and everything about fishing and marine life... and although unfortunately he's no longer with us today, a large part of him continue to live in the memory of the beautiful husband, dad and grandfather he was.

Decades ago, Luna's parents gave him a model ship, because building models was something he loved, ( also he helped a friend building a real fishing ship!) but unfortunately he never managed to finish this because of his illness, so this little ship remained in the box until now.

When I was a child, my dream was to sail the seas as the Captain of a pirate galleon in search of adventures. In a more realistic perspective, even a small boat to build would been enough for me, but I've never had the opportunity to do that.

We was talking about that for some reason, when my in-laws remember about this model ship.

When I saw this box, knowing how important it was to Luna's Grandfather , I immediately felt the need to finish his work.

It's called Cutty Sark, she was one of the fastest 19th century British clipper dedicated to the tea trade. Built in 1869 in Scotland, after a long life of service, many reconstruction and uses, she was preserved as a museum ship. The model was made by a historic Italian company from Turin called Aeropiccola, that unfortunately no longer produces this kind of models.

Apart from a section of the hull, the other parts need to be assembled, cutted, and finished.

Naval modellism was a passion that I wanted to cultivate long time ago, so I'm glad I got this opportunity these days.

Here's some pictures, I want to start from here to tell you in several episodes, the journey to build this little treasure.

I believe that every object has a story to tell, an energy, that there is something more than simple material. And if a person loved it, we can feel it.

So, I started building this model from the point where had been left, to revive this small ship beauty, designed with so much passion, appreciated as a gift and builded little piece after little piece to give so many emotions.

Taking this model in hand for the first time, I really felt something and I immediately realized that finishing it will be the right thing to do, both because Mario would be proud of it, and because this experience would have given me so much in return and would make his family happy

Because in the end, making people happy with Art is my job ;)

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