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Autumn by Moonpix

About us

We are Luna and Stefano, a couple of Artists, Daydreamers and Fantasy Adventurers from the Northwest part of Italy (Turin, Piedmont).

United by a common wish, we started our journey on a ship called Moonpix, doing Illustrations, Character Design, Concept Art and many other creative & colourful things.

We don't know where the wind will take us, but the most important thing is to be together to create what we love because it makes us feel free, happy, and alive.

However, the best part of our work is being able to give emotions to others.
Life can be so hard, but making people smile and bringing some colour into their days is our primary purpose.
Creating worlds, giving shape to the imagination, telling stories... is our way to give a pinch of happiness even to those who struggle to find it.
... and that's why we make Art :)

Something more about us?

Our full names are Luna Garrone and Stefano Pistonatto, we were born in May 1993 and January 1991 near Turin.

We studied Traditional Painting and Sculpture at the Artistic high school, and then we both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in "New technologies" with the highest marks.

Despite our studies, we are self-taught Digital Painters considering that there wasn't a digital drawing and painting course at the University, so we developed our skills in our free time and between the various projects of 3D Animations and Modeling, Web Design, Video and Photo Editing.

We work as Freelancer illustrators for customers from all over the world. Especially on private character commissions from World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs and fantasy novel book covers.

When we don't make art, we love to play Videogames, read Fantasy novels outside, play card/board games, watch movies/tv-series and talk about them for hours, listen to music and play instruments (Luna plays the Harp, Stefano plays the Bass, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Violin and only Heaven knows what else...).


Oh, and we love to go on adventures with our pets until the maleficent bugs get too scary and our friends ask us to come back!



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