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Art Tutorials!

Greetings! Finally, I managed to start this section of the blog... so let’s start with art tutorials!


an artistic mind makes an artistic guy.


Before throwing ourselves in a deep technical vision and some kind of “how to” things, I find truly important to talk about attitude and mental arrangement, because a thing like knowing how to unlock when you are not inspired, are as significant as know which tool to pick. Or maybe more important, really.

The first thing that we need to say is that, like everything, to obtain results, you need practice, time and passion. Everyone can draw decently, just need some practice and time. Natural talent doesn't really exist at all, of course for some people, truly passionate on what they’re doing, should need less time that other, but believe me, with constancy and dedication, you can do everything.

Second thing you need to know is to be a self-critique, it’s really important to understand errors, and learns from it. That’s the fast way to learn something. Neither an instructor can gift a teaching better than that, because when we fail of course we feel bad, but for sure we will learn how to avoid this next time.

Third fact is: when you feel stuck, don’t give up. Just take a breath, think about what you don’t like in your art, and then try to solve it. Example, you’re drawing a face. However, it looks horrible to you. Well, try to answer that question: why I don’t like this? The eyes are too small? His nose is awry? Look too flat? Well, then try to improve the parts you dislike. You don’t like that at all? Take a break then, some minutes, an hour, a day, rest on your eyes really help a lot. Maybe on your first attempts you don’t make some masterpiece, but is important to rejoice of small success and remember that a bad drawing will never, listen to me, never, be a failure, because from it, you will learn a lot, and believe me if I say that you became better after that.

At the fourth position, we’re talking about finding inspiration. Inspiration it’s not something like a mana bar that needs to charge, of course on some day we really don't' want to do anything, but you don’t need a divine touch to make some art. So, my best advice is to look around, look at your drawing from distance, see the world around you, just make some steps in your room or go into the courtyard to take a break, or maybe search some image on the web. Take a look on the real life, to find some references to put and transform it in a piece of art. And well, let’s talk about references. If you're attempting to make a realistic drawing is essential to use a model, a photo to study how the light build the shape, how the texture looks and the proportion are connected with different part, but even if you make a cartoon character you need to take elements from real life. Even on an abstract painting you may find useful to put some elements in it, because from reality human use to find a correspondence, an identity, and it’s what can give to your art a personality. So to make art it’s very important to learn to observe. Don't just watch at something, observe, trying to understand every part in a thing. Sometimes to make a good painting is all about details, and the best way to know how to do is to synthesize what our eyes are teaching to us.

I know, that may looks boring and useless for some of you, maybe you need to know how to make a perfect color blending or to make a realistic eye just with a pair of strokes, but attitude is the most important part of everything in the life. Learn from your error, never give up, and I’m sure you’ll create a lot of a masterpiece.

See you next time, talking about tools and everything you need to be an artist!

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