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The reason I started painting digitally.

Although art is part of my life since I was a child, I have complete awareness of that just recently. I was focused on music when I started high school, and I never thought of becoming a full-time artist, digital expecially. The year I finished high school is when everything has changed.

My mom had a bad accident so I was forced to stay home to take care of her. During this time I felt so sad, alone, so my only source of happyness was a videogame called World of Warcraft. I had begun playing some years before, although I alredy played other games from Blizzard like Warcraft 2,3 and Starcraft during my childhood, but only at this time I started playing seriously. This helped me a lot to be happy, because it gave me a way to escape into a much more beautiful and colorful world than the one I was living on in that moment. I loved find myself lost in every corner of that universe, fascinated by the places, by the characters who lived there ... and my desire to be able to create something like this was born, a world where I could escape when I needed to find a smile.

I started searching something on the web and I bought my first Wacom tablet after trying some Digital Painting software like Artrage, Photoshop and Corel Painter. I drew daily, and after each drawing I improved fast. Usually I do not have much consideration of my abilities... but in this case, this was very encouraging. But the most important thing is that I felt really happy.

I started publishing my paintings on Deviantart, and even though I was not a celebrity on the site, every single appreciation I received made me happy and I found the strength to go on! So I decided to join the Academy of Fine Arts to continue my artistic career. Unfortunately, nobody here teach something about digital painting... I just learned some element of Photo Editing, Graphic Design, Storyboarding, 3D modeling and Animation. We can say that I am a self-taught, there. And now, I've finished my studies and I'm trying to live with my passion as a freelance digital artist on the web, trying to realize my dream of giving with my art a pinch of happiness to everyone that need it.

... and Then? Moonpix Studios was born, and i hope it will be here for long time, despite the difficulties. Because yes, in my country talking about digital art is like talking about witches in Middle Ages xD

The rest of the story will be written together with all of you, with your support and all the love you are giving us since we are here!

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