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A million thanks to you!

We want sincerely to say: thanks all of you. In the past few days, lots of you show interest for what we do, following us, liking our posts and making beautiful comments. Moonpix was born to share our passion with the world. Our purpose is making smile everyone who needs a pinch of happiness while is not easy to find it. And now, you 're making our dreams come true. We've chosen a very difficult job, especially in our country, there's not much attention to that kind of art, also people are skeptics about digital, and as well who surround us not really believe in what we do. However, never mind, we want truly to believe. We want to touch your hearts with every artwork we make. We want to dream together with you. There' s not enough word to describe our gratitude and happiness you give us this week, but really, you make our days shines!

Thanks for join our journey and dream with us!

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