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The Journey begin!

Hi! I’m Stefano ( call me Steve if you want) I’m the co-founder of Moonpix Studios with my better

half Luna. This is the (real) first blog post for Moonpix, so I' ll explain something more about us .

First of all, generally I’m the one active on twitter and blogs, while Luna take care about our other

social platforms, so if you light up the “moon” signal, Steve get the call here!

Now, I’ll tell you why Moonpix was born.

I start with digital art at the begin of 2013, sharing my work through deviantart . I’ve done that for

a long, but because of university and relative amount of time needed, I've stopped to be active on

the web. During my studies I've know Luna and we worked on some various project together, like

Flash 2D animation, 3D animation in Maya, Graphic design, short films, websites, scenography for

theather and more. We had never find someone to work with having so much passion and

tenacity... so Moonpix Studios was born ;) Then we decide to use a profile in common to show

our artworks, because we're plan to work together during our life as an Art Studio to give the

same passion that we make our works ... to you!

Until now, almost every painting posted are made by me, but now that we have more time for art

at the end of our studies, you will see some paintings made by Luna very soon ;)

That’s it for now, but you will discover more every week! This blog is meant to be our diary and we

really hope you will follow us through our journey, dreaming with us!

Thanks for visit our website, I invite you to take a look sometimes, we will do everything to give to

you a smile, an emotion to remember or whatever a good times ;)

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