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We are Stefano & Luna, a couple of Freelancer illustrators, Artists, and Dreamers.
Creating Worlds, giving shape to the imagination, telling stories... is our way to offer a pinch of happiness even to those who struggle to find it. And that's why we make Art!
From Ashes by Moonpix Art

Artworks Gallery

To discover some of the works we created for commissions or personal projects, visit our Gallery!

The End of Azeroth by Moonpix

What People Say

"Winner of the Rebelle's contest
Art Month Challenge.
Draw This In Your Style of Rebel Girl by the artist Kuzayova"


Rebelle 6
Rebelle winner contest 23 by Moonpix Art

Art Commissions

Gem by Moonpix Art x15.jpg

Painting Commission

Our Paintings are the best way to portray your character, friends or special moments, surrounded by play of lights, atmosphere and beautiful details.


Bring your character to life!

Warcraft Vulperan pirate rogue - digital painting commission by Moonpix Art
SpectrumDTIYS by Moonpix

Illustration Commission

Our Illustrations are made of lively tones, brilliant shades and thick brushstrokes to add a pinch of traditional handmade look to your artwork.


Tell your character's story through the colours!

Moonie Priest by Moonpix
Kaida and Cynthia by Moonpix

Coloured Drawing Commission

Our Drawings use essential colours on your sketch to convey emotions and feelings that give more personality to your character!

Dryad by Moonpix Art x15.jpg
Purple by Moonpix Art x15.jpg
Dungeons and Dragons Party , Sketch by Moonpix Art

Sketch Commission

Do you want a quick and easy commission?

We can make a sketch or concept art to give a shape to your character or what you want!

Dungeons & Dragons commission ,  Fire Mage with fox , sketch by Moonpix Art

Art Prints

You will find our paintings available to be printed on paper or canvas.


Just visit our shop on InPrnt!

Summer Italy by Moonpix
Ombashi warlock by Moonpix Art

The Page of Customers' Reviews

Are you curious to know how we work with our clients? Or simply want to give us your support?

We have a page with some of the reviews that our customers leave to us.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Moonpix and on our Heart!

Ice Queen by Moonpix Art
Vulperan Shaman by Moonpix

Follow Us

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If you like our Art, let's keep in contact on our Socials for the latest news!

Moonpix Art - Turin, Piedmont. Italy

Alga by moonpix
Nuvola by Moonpix
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